Boxings Richest Fight

With only hours to go until the biggest show down in boxing history since the famous rumble in the jungle between the greats Ali and Foreman, then billed as the biggest boxing match of all time until now. #MayPac is about to go down in the wee hours of Sunday morning in the MGM grand in Las Vegas. Even with both men not being in the primes of their career as this is a fight that for years has been ruled out and called off for one reason or another. Floyd Mayweather Jr has come up excuse after excuse not to fight Manny Pacquiao deemed by every spectator and every expert to be the biggest threat to destroy his undefeated legacy. Mayweather has always been branded as a fighter who prefers his money than his legacy. Criticized for taking easy fights for a big pay day will always be something that hangs over him and what his career has meant for boxing. When offered this fight in 2009, he refused to accept. Splitting the earning of ticket receipts and pay per view earnings 50/50 did not seem fair to him. He wanted Pacquiao to basically fight for free, for the privileged to get in the ring next to him. Mike Tyson said it best, when he was the world champion he didn’t care who he fought he wanted to prove he was the best in the world. Nobody scared him. Those closest to him have said that he pulled out of the last fight as he believed Manny would beat him. Six years later not much has changed, Mayweather is still more concerned with money that history, being guaranteed $180 million from this fight alone. This fight was completely on Mayweather’s terms with Pacquiao not being allowed to add anything to the fight. Like 1974, I believe the under will come away victorious and The PacMan will be crowned the new world champion.


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