Second Year House Mates

This believe me from experience can be a nightmare to try and sort out. Having already lived off campus for a year selecting the right housemates is key to having a good year. For me personally it was all about living with friends and people I knew and was comfortable with. There is no point in trying to live with someone day in and day out for nine months of the year if you simply can’t be yourself. I live with four other lads and one girl so there is a real good mix of personalities and interests among us so we are never bored of each other or drive each other crazy. We live in Elm Park so is close enough to college, yet we can still go to College Court to have the craic without it being our house that gets wrecked all the time (tactical thinking, I know!). One of the funniest things I’ve read about this in a while was a piece JOE.IE posted about tips to being the best house mate you can be. It is a bit of a piss take but there is a few good pointers there! Take an aul gawk there, you might learn a thing or two. Most people do think its a breeze just living with people you’ve known for a short college year or even for years in your home town, people can become, well to but it bluntly annoying and you might pick up on their bad habbits, and it maybe something small that you would have never noticed in a million years unless you lived with them, and now it drives you crazy.


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