Keeping on top of your college work

A build up of college work is what every student dreads but when it comes to the end of the semester all those weeks of putting your work on the long finger has come back to haunt you. Waking up with only a few weeks left in the semester and realizing that you have three essays, two presentations and a group project all due in the same week is one of the scariest places to be as a student. Over whelmed with all the work you find yourself with you start to feel sorry for yourself and stay in bed an extra hour longer than you needed to and you will probably be found in the campus bar later on that evening to have a few, to release all that build up of stress. This however can all be avoided even at this early stage of the semester by dragging yourself to the library even a couple of times a week to keep tipping away at all your assignments. Even if you just come in and start the research for one of your essays, or get the first couple of pages done on your lab report that is due in six weeks, you will be amazed by the amount of work you will go through and before you know it you can keep up with all your assignments. Believe me this is something I have learned from my own mistakes over the past couple of years. Finding yourself losing sleep and worrying about the mountains of work to do is not a nice place to be. Keeping up to date with your work is a no brainer and leads to more guilt free nights you can enjoy in the stables throughout the year.


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