Doing Your Co-Op Abroad

One of the most daunting tasks that I have undertaken in the past number of years was doing my coop abroad in Spain. Having already lived in London and America for periods of time I was no stranger to moving away from home for a period of time. However, I always felt like this was going to be a completely different experience. I was traveling with forty seven students from UL and I didn’t know a single person. Looking back now a year later it is funny to think that some of the people I met are now some of my best friends. For my coop it involved travelling to a small sea side village called Tossa De Mar, which is about an hour north of Barctossa-teamelona, this would be our home for the next six months. Here there is company called Grupos Organizados, where children from all over Spain to teach English for a week at a time. Now this isn’t the conventional sit down and listen to your teacher kind of set up, what they do at Grupos is a little bit different. Each day the children would learn English by doing fun and exciting activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, zip ling and cliff jumping. It allowed the children to learn key words about each activity and then actually put them into practice each and every day. Besides the obvious reason to why this coop sounds amazing like working in the sun and getting to kayak every day the best thing about this whole experience is the people you meet along the way. Being thrown into the deep end with nearly fifty students all in the same situation as you bring this comradery that is hard to explain. Our new surroundings also afforded us with the opportunity to travel along the Costa Brava every weekend and experience some of the best cultural spots in the whole of Spain. One of my favourite cities was Girona where we visited a couple of times, they even shot all of the Kings Landing scenes from Game of Thrones here. Choosing to do my coop abroad is one of the best decisions I have made and would encourage anybody with the opportunity to do so.


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