Raise & Give

With RAG week now upon us and the library empty once again, unlike last week where there were hundreds of students in the library from morning until night trying to get all their work done before the busiest week of the year is upon us, but does it deserve the bad press that has been associated with it in the past number of years. RAG stands for raise and give, and has been more commonly known now as charity week and that is exactly what it is for. The week comprises in a number of fun events like raft building and the nearly naked mile where students can get involved and help raise much needed money for charities all around the Limerick area including Cliona’s Foundation, Focus Ireland, Mid-West Spina Bifida and St. Gabriel’s School and Centre. Without the University these charities would miss out on much needed donations for the year. There will be events set up in the courtyard in front of the students union building where music will be played all day long and every student walks around with a smile on there face from the electric  atmosphere that is created throughout the campus. However with every RAG week despite all the positives that come from it there are inevitably negatives also. There is this pre conceived idea that this week is just about going and getting as drunk as you possible can, and from an outsides perspective it really is easy to see how these opinions are formed, but it just simply is not true. Now I mean no means saying that every single college student is a saint and wont have a few drinks throughout the week but that is part of the run and enjoyment that this special week creates each year and it is one of the reason why I love the University of Limerick so much. No automatic alt text available.


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