Is there such thing as privacy in social media?



fb-security                  One of the issues that has been raised this semester that has really registered with me is the topic of privacy. In today’s “Information Society” there is an absolute saturation of information available to us from any corner of the world at the touch of a button. All of us are guilty of sharing our information on social media. Whether it is your birthday, interests, photos, likes, shares or whatever. All that information is then able to be sold by companies so that the things that interests us individually show up on our computers everyday. The funny thing about this is that we are not forced to share this information most of the time we are willing share this info freely, me included. I have often checked into a new location or had my social media accounts on public. I feel a lot of the time we share information that not everybody needs to know. People often over step the mark on what they share on their social media sites and share way more than they need too.

Privacy is a growing concern in the social media world with the major players such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram constantly updating their privacy settings to help ensure the protection of its users. With the increasing number of hackers on the internet it is also a time to be extra wary of the images etc. at you are sharing online. There is also an argument that some of these hackers are serving justice in the cases like the Wiki Leaks and Ed Snowden, or the anti doping Russian hackers who have exposed athletes for drug use over the past number of years. Yet you look at the other side of hacking private accounts and you see the ICloud hacks that affected celebrities like Jenifer Lawrence and that is a massive invasion of privacy. Getting rid of privacy is a way to have mass control of people so go give your social media accounts a quick going over to make sure you have the right privacy setting up to date.



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