Second Year House Mates

This believe me from experience can be a nightmare to try and sort out. Having already lived off campus for a year selecting the right housemates is key to having a good year. For me personally it was all about living with friends and people I knew and was comfortable with. There is no point... Continue Reading →


Going on a J1? It’s not as easy as it sounds!

Fortunately this summer I have saved up enough money to be able to go on a J1 with some friends from college. What is a J1?, is something that I have been hearing recently when telling some friends and family. In short it is a visa that is offered to college students in Ireland to... Continue Reading →

High Society at Punchestown

Come the last week in April every year, Punchestown racecourse is the only place to be for the wealthy aristocrats of Ireland. Working in the corporate bar for the weeks racing you being to understand that old cliche, "how the other half lives" and how it is well and truly applicable to the setting I found... Continue Reading →

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